Yusuf Sujono


When I was exploring MBA schools two years ago, I looked for a school that offers (i) comprehensive practical knowledge, (ii) engaging skilled students and (iii) a good mix of west-meets-east. In addition to undertaking research, I registered for one-on-one meetings or small discussions with the program officer and alumni to learn more, beyond whatever can be found in writing.

I consistently found that the Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program scored the highest on every aspect of my criteria. Additionally, I found that the people in KHEMBA are very engaging one to another. The alumni maintains a close relationship both among their classmates and across different classes. The staff are also very friendly and helpful. When I visited the campus, I saw a series of class pictures ranging from the 1st class to the last one and the staff were able to introduce a brief background on any student that I pointed to in the pictures. It was appealing that the staff knew the students very well. Secondly, every alum has a privilege to audit classes. By auditing, alumni are welcome to come back at anytime to sit in on any course. This will be very useful in the future when the business environment has evolved and the body of knowledge has expanded, I am going to have the opportunity to stay on the edge. Hence, joining KHEMBA is equal to getting a lifetime membership. All in all, there is no hesitation that KHEMBA is the most suitable MBA program for me.

Infrastructure Policy Adviser
Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance
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