NiQ Lai

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I had already been with Hong Kong Broadband Network for about 4 years when I joined the EMBA program. The reason why I joined was because I wanted a mid-career recharge. I was already the CFO but was keen to contribute much more to the company. By going to a world class program, I hoped to accelerate my company’s growth and open up new opportunities. When I made the decision to do the program, I was happy to pay the entire program fee myself but luckily my company understood the upside and we ended up splitting the costs instead. Since completing the EMBA about 5 years ago, our company has achieved record growth year after year, and we have undergone a HK$5 billion Management Buy Out, being one of the largest such transactions in Hong Kong’s history. Looking back now, the program has clearly paid for itself many fold over for both the company and myself. 

Co-Owner & CEO
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited
Office Location:
Hong Kong
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