Eun-Jae Won


This 18 month-part time Kellogg-HKUST EMBA program is a life-changing experience, not only a career-changing one. The best takeaway from the program for me is to learn to ask right questions in various aspects of business. Every single class from the very first, ‘Leadership and Organization’ to the last, ‘Leading a Global Company’, I walked out with several questions to ask to myself and to my teams. Reviewing my company vision in line with the social responsibility is one of the results from those questions from the classes.

Cultural differences and academic and mental challenges from the program tore me up and opened my mind and view to the world wider than ever. This program teaches what good businessmen should pursue in career and also in life. I got to review my business goals as well as my life vision.

Also the program encouraged me to kick off a new start-up business other than my current business of that time in its fifth month. The courage was not from the confidence in my business ability but from the trust in the quality of this program, classmates, faculty and the networks it keeps adding on. The program has led me to ask right questions for my business and the supports from KH networks are amazing.

CEO and Co-founder
Access Mobile Co., Ltd.
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